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Wednesday, 25 May 2011 19:38

By John Emmanuel

There's a lot of talk everywhere about healthy eating. In schools, our kids are being told to eat their five-a-day. Our health care professionals are always asking about our diets and giving us healthy eating advice and there are numerous magazines dedicated to the topic. But is this something that people with busy lives and careers can achieve?

Juggling a career and kids or a busy social life is not easy and just getting time to eat can be difficult. Often you just eat whatever you get your hands on; something quick and easy that you could just pop in the microwave or oven or get a takeaway; for busy mums' that generally translates into the kids' leftovers before you have to rush them off to the next activity.

So how can busy people actually eat healthy meals and still carry on with their normal activities or do they have to give up some of their time to make sure healthy eating is a priority in their lives. Well either one will work!

There are companies that will prepare all your meals and deliver them to your door, enabling you to stick to your diet plan, have healthy meals that are tasty, all without giving up any of your time. All you have to do is choose what you want for the week, pay and leave the rest up to them. Cool huh!!

In these times, where being in a rush seems to be the norm, it is good knowing that you can get a nutritious healthy meal made to your dietary specifications and delivered to your door.

Making your life easy is the aim of these companies; their menus cater for all tastes, traditional, vegetarian and vegan. These meals are low in fat and carbohydrates, ideal for those wishing to continue with their diets.

However, if money is tight, all is not lost you don't have to give up your dreams and aspirations of healthy eating for you and your family. Some supermarkets provide recipes with alternative ingredients as a healthy eating option.

There are also websites and forums that give a lot of information about healthy eating and how to achieve it on a budget but you can also swap recipes and ideas that can make healthy eating fun.

Healthy eating does not have to be boring and tiresome. It can be fun; you can make new friends and still meet up for a meal with old ones. You can still have treats whilst being comfortable in the knowledge that your diet is not in jeopardy. You know your kids are getting a healthy meal that is tasty and fun and you're not breaking the bank to do it.

Better yet, you can have meals delivered straight to your door for you and your family; feel like a king/queen with your own chef. Healthy eating is no longer reserved for the rich and famous or those with lots of time on their hands. Is healthy eating out of reach to busy people? You tell me...

When on a diet healthy eating is the goal we all aim for, but with the pressures of our busy lives it's easy to let our good intentions fall by the wayside...

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5 Super Healthy Foods For Your Diet PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 24 May 2011 19:00

By Timothy Eduard Moore

If you ever wondered if there are magical items of food that would be great for your overall health, we made a list for you. You should consume at least one of these foods for every meal and it will definitely improve your health in time.

Fish - don't be scared of the fat contained by oily fish, that fat is actually good for you, especially if you are a woman. Oily fish has essential Omega 3 fatty acids that your body cannot produce so you will definitely need to eat some at least 3 times a week. Studies show that eating foods rich in essential fatty acids keeps you from having heart related diseases.

Oranges - Oranges are great for your health, and they contain folic acid, which prevents strokes. They also contain vitamin C, which makes your immune system better, helps prevent allergies, and helps you prevent anemia. Oranges also contain vitamin B1 which helps prevent heart diseases, fatigue, and gastro-intestinal diseases. So oranges are a great source of natural health, so important for your body.

Tomato Sauce/salsa - although tomatoes are amazing as food items we decided that we will put the tomato sauce or salsa in our list because it can contain more vitamins. If you are having salsa sauce you can even burn more calories because the spices increase your metabolism. It also contains vitamin A which helps your sight, improves your teeth, gets rid of insomnia, balances high blood pressure, etc.

Dairy products - a study showed that people who consumed a yogurt a day had more weight loss than those who consumed none. So calcium seems to be very important when you want to lose weight as long as you choose the non-fat options. You can get skim milk, low fat yogurt, low fat pudding, and even those which contain vitamins. If you get a yogurt that contains vitamins you can improve your overall health by just adding this in your diet every day. You will have more energy and lose more weight.

Chocolate - chocolate is great and it will always be the no.1 food item in women's preference list; however, not all chocolate is great. When we recommend chocolate we mean dark chocolate, the real chocolate. As long as it has more than 70% cocoa, you can choose it with no worries, it is good for your health as it contains iron, the good fats, and many antioxidants. You should limit your chocolate intake to 30-40 grams each day.

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